Suspended Library


Waltham Forest, London | E4



Located in Northeast London this project follows the studio’s interest in appropriating existing and forgotten space and designing through the constraints of existing structures. It also comes from CTA’s collaboration with different schools to enhance their facilities. 

Axonometric showing Library within a room

A residual space in a 90’s peculiar plan school is used as a canvas to create an elevated open plan library that in some way evokes the idea of an industrial control room or a house in the trees with its suspended net, to see and to be seen from.

FF Plan Library level

Net reading area

The objective was to create a reference room for the school with as much of an economy of means as possible and a playful and flexible space for informal learning and discovery. A structure connected to the extended flor and existing roof provides the support for a screen that provides an acoustic separation from the main hall and plays with different levels of transparency with glass and coloured polycarbonate.


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