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Long Close School is the largest independent school in Slough, Berkshire. It is a co-educational, multi-cultural full-through school for ages 2-16, with three teaching cohorts: Early Years (Nursery and Reception), Junior School (Years 1-6) and Senior School (Years 7-11).

The School has a developed reputation, with consistently high standing at national level. The atmosphere of the school is supportive and disciplined with individual attention given to each pupil and their unique needs, qualities and talents. 

A series of phased developments is proposed, with the ambition of starting works in Autumn 2018 with a projected completion in 2019.  In addition to understanding the School’s requirements, we anticipate developing a carefully staged sequence of construction - including modular - to minimise disruption to the School’s operation.

Master Plan

The design has emerged and evolved through a detailed understanding of the School’s requirements - it’s vision, teaching, organisation and infrastructure. Of equal importance to the design has been a careful understanding of what exists - taking stock of the School’s buildings and grounds, identifying what can and should be maintained, removed, upgraded or replaced.

The ‘HUB’ will serve as the main focus of the school. In addition to its role in facilitating the teaching method of ‘STEAM,’ the building will be the new representative “face” of the School, while ensuring secure, clear and controlled entry to all pupils, parents, staff and visitors.

It is proposed to replace one of the existing artificially turfed sports pitches with an enclosed multiuse sports facility. In addition to the spaces of play, the structure will house a sport’s office, changing facilities, toilets/ showers and storage. The main space would comprise a light structural frame covered in translucent fabric.


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