Farmhouse Renovation and Alteration

Winterbourne, Newbury | Berkshire



Kimber Cottage is located on a beautiful estate with rolling hills and surrounding farmland not far from Newbury, Berkshire. The property comprises horse stables, paddock, greenhouse and a further few outbuildings in addition to the main house. The grounds of the property are sloping towards the North with a small river running along the land to the South. 

Main House



Stable Yard

Caretakers House

Site Plan

Our work has focussed on the house, which was once a small, modest, rural farmhouse. This was substantially added to and enlarged in the 1970s-80s. These modern extensions were blended into the original cottage resulting in a substantial house. Despite no longer being anything like a cottage, the building has maintained its namesake as Kimber Cottage. 

Ground floor plan

First floor plan

The character of the house is charming, comprising a series of rooms - not unlike that of a rabbit warren - still with features dating back to the 1980s. Our design seeks to maintain the character of this charming house, while opening up rooms and modernising, including lighting and heating. An important feature of our design is the introduction of a double-height dining-kitchen area as well as more generous and welcoming entry hall. The house is frequented by many guests. For this we have maintained and enhanced the guest rooms with ensuite bathrooms. 


Section showing double-height dining-kitchen

South Elevation

Front Elevation

Section through dining area and entrance


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