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Shepherd's Bush, London | W12


Ashchurch Road is a two-storey flat with roof terrace in Shepherd’s Bush, London. We were asked to renovate both floors, concentrating on the first to create a single, open living area with kitchen and dining for a family of four. The building is located at the junction of two roads, resulting in a trapezoidal plan, affording the opportunity to see – all at once – windows on three sides. 

Ground Floor

Ground Floor

First Floor

In order to create an open plan, we took down internal walls and replaced them with structural steel. Together with Peter Dann Consulting Engineers we worked through the challenges of a structural design. In particular there was no obvious logic as to how the walls were working – having been poorly altered over the years. In addition to this, the retail shop below needed to remain in operation throughout the works. Windows needed to be removed in order to bring the steelwork in. 

With the space opened, we organised the rooms into their functions – kitchen, living, dining, hallway and laundry room – as a series of linked spaces. While open, our design enables the possibility of closing and separating while maintaining spatial flow and continuity. This was achieved through the interplay of five door sets of doors – mostly sliding. The double swing doors are essential to ensure fire separation of the stairs for safe escape from the upper floor and terrace. A pair of sliding doors off the hallway, enables the possibility of connecting or disconnecting the kitchen from living area and rest of the house. The pair of doors at the laundry room were designed to disappear, ensuring  continuity, while enabling the possibility to close the room when in use. 

Living Room Joinery

On the upper floor, our work was limited to refinishing and new bathroom, together with the interior designer Natasha Hidvegi. The design of the joinery, flooring, colours afford a sense of richness, warmth and character. 

Utility / Hallway Joinery


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