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Barilla Pavilion International Design Competition 

Pedrignano,Parma | Italy 


Our concept for the new 15,000m2 pavilion ‘for the future’ is PAVILIONUOVO. Our project responds to Barilla’s ambitious and multi-faceted brief – including spaces for assembly, restaurants, exhibition, research and offices – with a forward looking and strong form of architecture - a bold and embracing steel, glass and timber ring raised, hovering over the agri-industrial landscape in Pedrignano, just outside of Parma, Italy. The design comprises an assembly of overlapping circles and ovals that engage and activate the total space of the site with power and energy-spiralling, interconnecting, overlapping, defining. 

Master Plan

Overall section

Master plan Model

We’ve drawn the form of a circle from the idea of communal exchange at different scales. These include the everyday interaction of the traditional family sharing a meal around a table to the larger ripples of the industry that includes the socio-economic circles of the community of Parma, “The Italian Food Valley” and the World. The circle conveys a positive, emotional message of harmony, unity, communication, commitment and community.

View overlooking wheat field onto the main ring

PAVILIONUOVO is a landmark structure, an iconic, identifiable, memorable and symbolic form as pavilion with a strong connection to the Barilla brand, its history and future. The Pavilion’s forms, spaces, materials, uses, colours and symbols are built around and reinforce the principles, ethos that is Barilla. 

A | Ring Structure - a single, large ring (145m x 117m) serving the functions of research, offices, exhibition, hospitality and storage

B | Event Space - the ‘earthmound’ or ‘yolk of the egg’ is a multi-purpose space hall for conferences, performances, workshops, speakers and events

D | piazza | - the single larg- est open space (93m x 97m) as public and event space; it has a soft slope and nes- tles in the ground. It’s form recalls Siena Piazza del


C | Research space - an area of ground (diameter 85m) dedicated to food re- search, with particular focus on sustainable production of wheat

E | Circulation and food garden - this is one of the permaculture zones dedi- cated to sustainability and the production of vegetables and fruit

View of ring interior

It is an open, welcoming and flexible architectural concept full of rich spaces and experiences, designed to facilitate and encourage communication and community. It is a place to inspire and foster discussion, growth, development and reflection now and for the future, for us and our planet.


The design team comprised the structural and environmental engineering expertise of Buro Happold, London, financial calculations and quantity surveying services of GAD, Milan together with the contact architect, CEAS, Milan. 

View of event area

View from piazza towards event area