Victorian Terrace House Extension


Holloway, London | N19

For this large kitchen extension, we took the simple approach by forming a single pitch roof with skylights. As the neighbour had a two-storey extension, we were able to achieve a substantially high ceiling.


This was important to maximise the amount of light and sense of space – a contrast to what was there before, a dark, narrow living room with very little natural daylight. On the southeast corner of the room – at roof level – we introduced a small, triangular window.


Despite its small size, the effect is substantial as it draws in light, particularly in the morning.  

The garden and connection to the outside was important for our client. For this we provided two large sets of steel doors, one opening to the north and the other opening onto a terrace to the west. The design of the kitchen was done by our client.


They sought a simple but well conceived design both practically and visually – connecting to the exquisite taste of the other rooms in this house for an active family of five. 


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