Extension of 60s Theatre - International Competition

Ingolstadt | Germany

Collaboration with Haworth Tompkins


This proposal seeks to extend, adapt and enhance the urban fabric and complex spatial structure of Ingolstadt and its historic Stadttheater. The design was envisioned not only as a new, advanced and innovative performance and workshop extension but an opportunity to recast the theatre’s central role in this historic city and its connection to the river Danube.

Site Plan

The decision of splitting the building has been defined not only by practical and functional considerations of the theatre operations, but by an approach to urban realignment, reinvigoration and animation through the sensitive celebration and enhancement of what is already there. The individual yet related forms of the new Kammerspiele and Werkstätten + Probebühne - like breaking away glaciers - have emerged out of a cohesive design strategy that has been responsive to each building’s functions and urban design approach.

Lower Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

The architectural form of the new extensions has emerged out of an urban response to the Stadttheater and its strategic location in relation to the historic town and the river Danube and envisioning these two buildings as key players in reorienting the city towards the river and making better use of its surrounding spaces.

Axonometric View from the historic town centre

Axonometric View from the river north bank


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