Restaurant on the Heath

Hampstead Heath, London | NW5



This concept project for a public swimming pool and park restaurant / café is located in Hampstead Heath at Parliament Triangle in the Borough of Camden, Northwest London. The project was designed and conceived by Charles Tashima Architecture in collaboration with LocaDeli Ltd. It was presented to Hampstead Heath Superintendent’s Office with the ambition for a destination restaurant-café. 

The design is located within the north side of a Grade 2 Listed rectangular 1930s open brick structure. Conceived to enhance and heighten the experience of bathing and the landscape, the design’s principle gesture is to open up and connect two experiences: an Olympic size swimming pool and the Heath.

The space has two sides that change in time and experience. By day the restaurant-café is designed to serve swimming pool clientelle, including ice creams, sandwiches, pizza and drinks; and the other serving onto the Heath with open views while having pizza and pasta as well as picnic hampers to take away. At night the swimming pool would be a destination restaurant. The swimming pool’s deep blue water on one side and the blanket of darkness that is the Heath would give the restaurant an ethereal and rich quality of experience.


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