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through the approach of adaptation, reuse and appropriation, we explore design from spatial concepts to the physical and tactile properties of the detail 



we have put material experimentation and innovation at the fore of our practice, researching and incorporating new materials and technological processes as well as re-purposing and utilising existing materials. Adapting pre-existing elements and forms is a core part of our ethos; both as part of an environmental consciousness as well our commitment to the organic and material creations of space. 

We are interested in the way we collectively use space, examining the role of architecture and its impact on society and culture through the sites and spaces it creates. Charles has been developing a series of fictional spaces that emerge out of the coincidence of landscape and architecture, drawing from history, through a series of adaptions and transformations, these Topographical Fictions are adaptable propositions, across scale, site and nature, for public, collective and reflective spaces.