Recording Studio


Old Street, London | EC1



Our musician-client asked us to design a space to not only function as a recording studio, but also as an inspiring and comfortable room to be in. In a reduced palate of elements –floor, ceiling and furniture – we sought to minimise the more practical elements typical of recording studios, including equipment, acoustic foam and perforated panels.

The floor, made of a series of small reclaimed teak tabletops invites you to sit rather than stand in the room; the ceiling cleverly covers the acoustic panels, hidden behind layers of specially commissioned silk and abstract, geometric and organic patterned CNC cut panels that are removeable; a centerpiece of the room is an instrument cabinet made of teak and light copper screen to each side of a acoustically insulated picture window. A series of black picture framed acoustic panels covered in silk adorn the walls.

In addition to working with our client, we communicated closely with acoustician, Nick Whitaker, to ensure that this single space meets both its aesthetic ambitions and technical requirements to be a high-performance and efficient recording studio. 

Reflected ceiling plan


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