Transforming a Cloakroom into a Science Lab

Tufnell Park | London



Formerly used as a cloakroom and storage, Yerbury School’s new science lab ‘Q’ in North London has been reconfigured to provide children a dedicated place to ask fundamental questions related to science by watching tadpoles become frogs, testing how sound travels through materials and exploring why things go up and why things fall down. ‘Q’ stands for questioning. 

Ground Floor Plan

The two centrepieces of the room are a cast iron spiral stair, re-purposed from a historic building in central London that leads up to a new mezzanine created to expand the working space, and a ‘cabinet of curiosity,’ an ever-changing exhibition of inspiring artefacts that include animal bones, plants, spiders, rocks and even a resin cast of Einstein’s brain.

‘Q’ was unveiled with ribbon cutting by Dr Chris Van Tullekan of CBBC television series ‘Operation Ouch!’  in the Spring in preparation for National Science Week and is now fully operational with many experiments and invaluable lessons for the pupils underway to complement their Science learning already underway. The work was completed on a very tight programme and budget with funds raised by the Yerbury Home School Association (YHSA).

This project exhibits our [ s e e d ] concept of the adaptation of existing buildings, spaces, materials and structures to meet new requirements at a range of scales within the Education sector.

For more details regarding how [ s e e d ] may help your nursery, school or university, please contact us.


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