"S E E D"

The Low Line Design Competition

Southwark | London


Our concept for this RIBA organised open design competition is S E E D – an urban landscape strategy with the acronym Sustainable,Environmental, Emergent, Development. Based on the strategic planting of metaphorical ‘seeds’ or catalysts along the rail line between London Bridge and Southwark Park in South London. The proposal seeks to work collaboratively – in partnership with local residents, business and community groups and Network Rail. Critical to our approach is the reclaiming of small sites and lost spaces in an extended and organic process of eclectic places and uses – a ribbon of green infrastructure. 

The design concept is characterised by dynamic, systemic change and incremental growth at a range of scales. It is a layered, additive and adaptive design approach which seeks to appropriate existing structures, spaces and uses. The end effect is minimising waste and disruption while maximising density, the idiosyncratic and eclectic. 

Submission - Board 1

Submission - Board 2

S E E D is a metaphor for life and for growth. It is a catalyst for change, for ideas, for the future. Planting a seed ensures – in time – something greater than itself. S E E D’s are the primary binding agent, stringing together the area’s diverse, episodic and idiosyncratic spaces into a unified whole – a narrative – a green necklace draped across Southwark. 


Our design approach is simultaneously structured and open. Embracing the unpredictable, it is to open-ended, flexible, resilient, self-organising strategy engaging with what already exists, what is planned and yet to come. 

Axonometric View of Spa Terminus Green & Water Tower

Axonometric View of Bankside junction Market & The Green Table 


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