View of entrance and approach to inner raised courtyard


Extension and Renovation of a 17th century Wall Enclosure



This museum is a concept project inspired by fortifications, castles, walls and ruins. The fascination with these effectively manmade pieces of landscape is not only due to their romantic and historic content but their material and spatial qualities - earth, scale, mass, light. Castle_B is imagined as a new project that has appropriated an existing ruin.


The modern extension (with loosely defined use) is materially and spatially indistinct from what was original. Masonry walls, earth and large frame timber (what remains of it) work seamlessly with concrete retaining walls and a laminated timber framework construction and glass.

Axonometric views of proposed timber and concrete structures

Long section through inner courtyard

There is a main external entrance, a forecourt and courtyard, encircled by a walled ambulatory framing an open, internal green space. This ambulatory ring pitches down to the South affording views into the distant horizon. The total complex is reduced to a few materials, concrete, earth, grass, timber and glass.


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