Hotel in a Post-industrial Landscape

Middle Peak Quarry, Winksworth | Derbyshire


Middle Peak Hotel is a concept project, which explores the appropriation and re-purposing of a post-industrial landscape. A hotel and spa is situated at the top edge of this disused quarry – mined for limestone until the mid-1980s. The ambition of the project is to activate the larger expanse of the site, repairing the landscape together with the planting of indigenous flora and attracting local fauna.


This new ‘greater landscape’ provides an extensive network of paths, giving the opportunity for hiking and fitness, as well as contemplation and reflection. The building’s strategic position not only affords spectacular views, it also absorbs the power of this aggressive, yet dramatic and surprisingly beautiful landscape.   

Overall Perspective View


Photography: PhotoArk

We envision this project and its brief as a way to repair brownfield sites, bringing them back to life while also defining a strategy for architecture to directly engage with and harness the power of landscapes. The ambition of the project is to not only provide a beautiful retreat, but also a way in which the public can engage with the environment in an immediate and meaningful way. 


Photography: PhotoArk

The hotel is secured to the side of the limestone cliff, comprising around 100 rooms, each of which overlooks the quarry. In addition to a generous foyer-lobby, restaurant, banquet and conference areas, the hotel is equipped with the full service of a spa and fitness centre as well as indoor-outdoor swimming pool.

Overall Section


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