Rural Research Laboratories & Conference Centre

We've explored the idea of rural research laboratories & conference centre compound in this concept landscape architecture. From the exterior, the conference centre space resembles a sacred earth mound set against the profile of the distant mountains and its neighbouring laboratories.

The iconic and powerful image of the exterior is carried into the interior with its expressive structure supporting a large, ringed skylight above, which can be blacked out. 

Conference Centre exploded Axo

The space is lit by indirect sunlight brought in by a split seam to its perimeter. It was important for us to simplify and limit the views to the exterior - concentrating on the sky. The materials and colours of the interior work on a limited palette that is simple, rich and textural.

Topographical Fictions are conceptual design projects that have been conceived through the exploration of architecture with landscape.  While inspired equally by the natural world and how man has changed it, including infrastructure, agriculture.


While often having a geometric complexity, the materials and its construction are used in direct and simple ways.  Essential to the design is our direct physical engagement - to be walked through, over, around and under in a fluid sequence of spaces.


The scale and choreography of movements are intended to stir a heightened, even sublime, experience in space and time. 

Internal view of the Conference Centre


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