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The Mews is a 3-storey brick building, located in the Northeast corner at the end of a row of terraced mews. The original purpose had stables on the ground floor and warehouse/ storage on the floors above. A crane still adorns the front, just above a bridge which links two of the mews together. More recently the building with fairly convential and contemporary interior had been used as offices. We converted this into live-work for a painter, reintroducing materials and character back into the building.  

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

In addition to 'reading' the building's latent attributes, our design approach was inspired by two pieces of furniture: our client's dark timber armoir wardrobe with drawers; a fragment of a salvaged Edwardian pub countertop with glasses cabinet above. These cues were brought together with a design, which purposefully removed all signs of plasterboard, exposing the original brick arch reveals and ceiling joists. To this we added further pieces of furniture, including built-in book shelving, wardrobes as well as bathroom, treated similarly as furniture with timber panelling and integrated shelving-storage.

We rationalised and increased the height of the attic floor and added South facing open plan studio with full-width windows on the pitch of the rear mansard to maximise the amount of light. The windows were etched in order to improve the quality of light, an atmospheric-diffused light best suited for painting. 


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